Is your company looking for custom branded cannabis products? 

Krush has been offering private label service for the past 4 years to companies all across the globe. Our company has identified the value our products bring to collaborative partners and they're marketing campaigns. 

Krush grinders are products that cannabis consumers has rallied behind as one of the best grinders on the market. The interesting aspect of our companies business model is that we forward our consumers to purchase our products through your company. The benefit lays on both sides, which makes our business model sustainable. We encourage our partners to sell our product at 75% of the MSRP. We do this as we understand that cost incentives are a great catalyst to garnering large volume sales. Your company will now engage with our consumer base and will utilizing them as mobile billboards to carry your brand off to demographics that may of been out of reach.. Our cannabis grinders have a lifespan of 3 -5 years, and with your logo front and centre it will be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people. Most people that see our products will correlate your company and or brand to our companies successful products. We have collaborated with some of the biggest and well known brands across the globe. The success of the campaign and or merchandise should be viewed as an brand recognition and a long term play. You will make money off of our products and due to our companies vertical integration you will still see 50% margins off of the sales but this should not be the entire focus. The long term play of brand recognition and the perception of the consumer is far more valuable then the short term profits. With our company as your merchandising partner you will see how easy it is to create some conversation around your brand and reach consumers who respect quality. 

What is Krush Private Label?

Krush Private Label is your solution to high quality luxury merchandise. 




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